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Feathercraft BayLee Pack Rafts

These are not your average pack rafts. BayLee pack rafts are made of superior urethane-coated, high-tenacity nylon fabric; seams are RF welded and taped for extreme durability and air retention. The hull fabric is similar to the Duratek hull fabric on Feathercraft folding kayaks. Each raft has two primary inflation chambers and an inflatable seat bottom and seat back; you can't have too much flotation. Proven Halkey-Roberts inflation valves are completely dependable.

BayLee pack rafts have a pointed bow and stern, offering more flotation at the ends to improve steering and performance, and to avoid back flips. The longer design allows the paddler to sit closer to the center, thus improving trim. The BayLee 1 is the smallest and lightest model; it is suitable for smaller paddlers and is also available with an optional self-bailing floor. The longer BOLDER model allows room for taller paddlers (over six feet) and has more room for gear; it comes standard with a self-bailing floor and bow and stern grab lines. The larger BEAST has a 1,000-pound payload and bow and stern decks for gear; it comes standard with a self-bailing floor and a full perimeter grab line.




Inside measurement

Tube Diam.


BayLee 1

6' 8"


49" X 15"


6.5 lb.

BayLee 1 - self-bailing floor





10.0 lb.

BOLDER - self-bailing floor

7' 3"


56" X 15"


13 lbs.

BEAST - self-bailing floor



78" X 17.5"


18 lbs.

Self-bailing floor... WOW!

River trips with pack rafts have always involved numerous stops along the way; you had to find somewhere to stop that was not too slippery, get out, dump the water out of your boat, and get back in. The BayLee 1 is still offered with an optional attached spray skirt to help keep out the water, but for an extra 3 pounds, you can have the optional self-bailing floor that allows you to run whitewater without having to stop and bail your raft. 

The self-bailing floor gives you four inches between you, the water, and the rocks. Four inflatable sponsons are sandwiched between the top and bottom floors, and numerous holes allow incoming water to drain quickly. For running serious whitewater, the self-bailing option is the best way to go. The self-bailing floor is standard on the BOLDER and the BEAST.





Feathercraft has raised the bar on design, production standards, durability, and air retention, so their pack rafts tend to be more expensive and a little heavier than some other pack rafts. If you must have the very lightest raft, the BayLee line may not be for you. But if a few extra pounds is O.K. and you want a superior handling, self-bailing, and more durable pack raft, one of the BayLee models may be your best choice.

Each raft comes with a removable seat, stuff sack for storage, bow and stern carry handles, basic repair kit, convenient tie-down webbing loops, and a light-weight inflation bag.

Colors: blue, green, gray, red

BayLee 1 - $975

BayLee 1 with self-bailing floor - $1,290

BOLDER with self-bailing floor - $1,440

BEAST with self-bailing floor - $1,985

Optional equipment:

Spray skirt - $120 (for BayLee 1)
Rowing frame plus oars - $270
Double-action hand pump - $36

For more information, to make a purchase, or to schedule a demo, please phone 970-403-4211 or e-mail paddler@foldingkayak.com.

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