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Traditional Touring Kayaks

The new Aironaut is the first high performance inflatable sea kayak. It is 14' 1" long, has a 26" beam, and weighs a mere 20 pounds. The Aironaut is super portable and light and fast on the water...(more)


The Airo-Double-Naut is Feathercraft's newest edition of the popular Aironaut single - it is the Paddler's Inflatable for Two. It is 17' 9" long, has a 30" beam, and weighs only 33 pounds. (more)


The lightweight Kurrent is 13' 1" long, has a 25" beam, and weighs only 21 pounds. It is easy to assemble and...(more)


The popular Kahuna is 14' 9" long and has a 25" beam, yet it weighs only 35 pounds! The Kahuna accelerates quickly, maintains hull speed easily, and tracks well...(more)


The Wisper has elegant flowing lines with an upswept bow and stern - it is 15' 7" long, has a 23 1/2" beam, and weighs 37.5 pounds. The Wisper may be described best as a cross between the Greenland-style Khatsalano and the Kahuna...(more)

Wisper XP

The Wisper XP is similar to the Wisper, but it comes standard with a rudder, bow and stern hatches, and your choice of cockpit sizes. It weighs 40 pounds...(more).

K1 Expedition

The K1 Expedition is the quintessential high-volume, touring single - it handles well in all conditions. The sturdy K1 is 16' 6" long , has a 25" beam, and weighs 51 pounds... (more).


The Khatsalano is a graceful Greenland-style kayak designed for speed and optimum performance for the experienced paddler. The Khatsalano is 17' 10" long, has a 22" beam, and weighs 45 pounds... (more).


Big, bold, and beautiful, the new Heron is a perfect blend of the renowned K1 Expedition with the high performance Khatsalano. The Heron is 17' 7" long, has a 24" beam, and weighs 54 pounds... (more).


The versatile Klondike features an open cockpit design which can easily be converted from the double configuration to a single. The Klondike is 17'10" long, has a 31" beam, and weighs 75.5 pounds...(more).

K2 Expedition

The renowned K2 Expedition is a fast, high-volume, double touring kayak designed for performance, maximum storage, and stability. The K2 is 20' long, has a 33" beam, and weighs 87 pounds... (more).


Folding kayaks are true descendants of the original Inuit skin-on-frame kayaks made from seal skins stretched over frames of driftwood and bone. Feathercraft uses state of the art materials, cutting edge technology, and innovation to build today's premier folding kayaks. Click this link for our Feathercraft kayak reviews.

Skin-on-frame construction and design is demanding. Careful consideration must be given to the relationship between the frame, the skin, and the water. The resulting craft is one of the most sophisticated of all small boat designs and the most rewarding to paddle. The frame flexes, absorbing wave energy and enabling the kayak to remain steady while gliding forward. The skin responds actively to the water -- there is only swift, quiet, forward motion.

Traditional Touring Kayaks

Feathercraft has been making high performance touring kayaks for over 25 years. Feathercraft's Sealskin technology uses radio frequency welding to bond hulls made of Duratek to decks made of Polytech. The resulting kayak skin is completely watertight. Sturdy frames are made of aluminum/magnesium alloy tubing and high-density polyethylene or polycarbonate crossribs. Shock cords connect longitudinal sections like tent poles and color-coded tubing eases assembly. No additional tools are necessary. (Click here for Construction Details.)

Internal air chambers called sponsons tighten the skin, add flotation, and increase secondary stability. Comfortable seats with built-in lumbar support, solid foot braces, and built-in cockpit coamings with sea socks ensure seaworthy kayaks that you will enjoy paddling.

Feathercraft Prices

Feathercraft prices in U.S. dollars fluctuate depending on the value between the U.S. dollar and the Canadian dollar. When the currency exchange rates change, we update our prices for Feathercraft kayaks and accessories.

Feathercraft Warranty

Feathercraft kayaks come with a five-year warranty on all parts and workmanship. Feathercraft is committed to providing the best customer service throughout the life of your Feathercraft product. They are dedicated to you and your Feathercraft for as long as you need them.

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For more information, to make a purchase, please email paddler@foldingkayak.com.

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