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Classified Ads

Except as noted, the following ads were submitted by paddlers not associated with Folding Kayak Adventures. If you have a used Feathercraft folding kayak, SOAR canoe, or Alpacka pack raft for sale and would like a free listing, please email your ad in a similar format to what we show below and we will post it. This list was last updated on April 25, 2016; all prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted.

For Sale

Wisper XP - 2011 - Black. Excellent condition. Includes all original equipment, plus 4-piece paddle. Must sell, $2500. Located in Denver CO. Contact jameswhipperman@yahoo.com (April 2016)

Klondike - early 90's. In excellent condition with three-person spray deck. $2,250  San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Mike Casey 510-224-0049 mike@thecanvasworks.com. (February 2016)

Looking for used SOAR 16 Explorer before June 2016. Located near Ottawa, Ontario, but will be in western States for part of spring, so could pick up from near either. Please contact bronwyn_hodgins@outlook.com.

K2 Expedition Double - 1992 - Blue.  Excellent condition. Includes double coated spray skirts & sea socks; pivot foot pedals for rudder; double coated nylon hatch covers & tunnels. $2,800. Located in Santa Cruz, CA. Please contact Lindsey at 831-458-3151 or email l_loperena@yahoo.com. (May 2015)

K2 Expedition - 2000. Very good condition. $1,500 OBO Located in Washington, DC. Contact Sonya smarino1317@gmail.com  (January 2016)

Java - 2001 - Teal. Excellent condition. Includes all standard equipment. Photos available on request. $1,400 or best offer plus shipping. Saginaw, MI. Contact drtomiumb@me.com (Oct. 2015).

Uno - 2001 - Red. Excellent condition. Includes all standard equipment. Photos available on request. $650 or best offer plus shipping. Saginaw, MI. Contact drtomiumb@me.com (Oct. 2015).

K2 Expedition Double  - early 2000's. Hypalon hull. Includes standard equipment plus mast step. Sea socks need a little repair. Very good condition otherwise, $2,000 plus shipping. New Mexico, 360-223-8101, batwingsy@yahoo.com. (September 2015)

Kahuna - 2002 - Yellow. Good condition. Photos available. Located in San Francisco. Asking $2,000. Contact out2sea03_at_hotmail.com (September 2015)

K-Light Plus - 1999 - Red. Very good condition. Includes all standard equipment. Photos available. Located in Port Townsend, WA. Asking $899. Contact Linda at lindadufr@gmail.com or call 360 7973259. (September 2015)

Koho - 1997. Good condition. $900. The Koho is a smaller version of the K-Light. Located in Bend, OR. Contact stevejacek3@gmail.com  (August 2015)

K1 Expedition - 1998. Very good condition. View photo at https://flic.kr/p/snXtod. $2,200 OBO Located in CT. Contact Milo at ramilo426@gmail.com. (July 2015)

Big Kahuna - 2008 - Teal. Excellent condition. Includes all standard equipment, plus large stern hatch, rudder, cockpit cover, and paddle. Located in San Marcos, CA. Listed at $2,500. Contact Phillip at 760-212-4466 or email: pbjf@pacbell.net. (July 2015)

K-Light Plus - 1997 - Blue. Like new condition. Hypalon hull. Comes with all standard equipment. Asking $1,500. Contact Joan at jcdaoust406@gmail.com (June 2015)

Java - 2004 - Teal. Like new. Includes second seat and rudder kit. $1,500 plus shipping. Sacramento, CA. Contact mebbish@sbcglobal.net. (June 2015)

K2 Expedition Double - 1985 - Red. Very good condition; includes spinnaker sail rig. $900. Located in Cleveland, OH. Contact Dave - djhorvath2003@yahoo.com. (June 2015)

Khatsalano S - 2006 - Yellow. Very well cared for. Includes all standard equipment. If you need some Lendal break-down paddles, we can probably arrange that as well. $3,200. Located in Rochester, NY, contact Cathy at 585-355-5790 or cathy@lendalna.com (May 2015)

K2 Expedition Double - 2000 - Green. Excellent condition. Upgraded built-in coamings and pivot foot brace system. $3,800. Located in Maryland. Contact rando.nomad@gmail,com for photos and more information. (April 2015)

Big Kahuna - 2002. Excellent condition. Includes all standard equipment. See pics on Ebay under FMP_Surplus. Contact waltcarlm@hotmail.com (March 2015)

K2 Expedition Double - 1993 - Green. Excellent condition. Includes all standard equipment. $2,200. Located in Colorado. Contact Bob at peregrine@rof.net. (March 2015)

Khatsalano - 2009 - Blue.  Brand new condition. Includes all standard equipment, except spray skirt is nylon, not all-neoprene. Located in Vancouver, B.C. $3,500 USD Photo bucket link is   http://s1083.photobucket.com/user/pameladawnnowlin/library/Mobile%20Uploads. Call Pam at 778-867-8470 or email pameladawnnowlin@gmail.com. (March 2015)  

K1 Expedition - 1994 - Red. In great condition, cosmetically and functionally. Includes all standard equipment. Located in San Rafael, CA. Free delivery within 100 mile radius or will ship at buyer's expense. $2,100. Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131398876@N05/sets/72157648657105613/ Contact Jan: lockie.jan@gmail.com (February 2015)

K1 Expedition - 2000 - Yellow. Excellent brand new condition. Includes all standard equipment, plus custom matching travel/expedition package with flight appropriate duffel bag, matching gear bag and carry on. Pictures available upon request $2,950. Contact sonya.marino@yahoo.com or 202-286-5145. (February 2015)

Klondike - 2005 - Teal. Excellent condition; always stored inside and deck is not faded. Includes all standard accessories, plus solo spray deck. Located in Victoria, B.C. $2,800. Photos on request. Contact Greg at gregn9946@gmail.com (February 2015)

Khatsalano - 2000 - Teal. Almost new condition. Photos available. Located in NH. $3,800. Contact pns05@yahoo.com. (November 2014). 

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